Thursday, October 1, 2009

Payed or some free online add posting job sites companies such as,, this websites are scam, fraud or not legitimate or not real paying or paying less money or not genuine websites this kind of websites are making money from people. They just some promise that we can earn without investment no registration fees they takes but the big problem is that this kind of add posting jobs websites are making marketing of there websites without using any software's. They just tell people to do add posting of there site into classified websites and make money from the registration fees which they takes for joining so be aware of this kind of people on Google and yahoo .
Mostly are fraud and scam people they just making marketing of there websites and improve there business and doe not pays to the members or customers. Some add posting websites rules are if we put ads in classified websites and if the response comes from the ad which we put they only we get paid 2 to 5 Rupees or some dollar or cent.
Don't just waste your time and money in any add posting job they just make fool of people and there is no such a great income opportunity in this add posting job so our suggestion for all is that stay away from this kind of add posting jobs which is waste of time and money.

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Adarsh Sharma said...

Ya, It is true most of sites are froud and they using its for maketing purpose to earn money. But not for all.


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